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Climate + Tech Guide

Alpha 1.0 — Climate Action Resources for Tech Professionals

What this is

This project is an ongoing effort to provide guidance to tech professionals on navigating the climate crisis. It is designed to be useful to people in and outside of tech firms who work in tech, and to help you leverage your position and navigate to make positive change within your company, organization or in general society.

The project is currently at its first (Alpha 1.0) stage, which includes an organized list of helpful resources which can be easily filtered by category, and contributed to.

This is just the beginning. In future versions, we will include action plans &emdash; with explainers, how-tos, and resources &emdash; for people in different positions in companies at different stages of climate sustainability.

Going forward we will continue to add information from our discussions and research, and encourage you to join us and help with the effort.

What's included

These resources have been collected and organized by the community. The resource table includes:

  • Data on the tech industry’s environmental impact
  • General news & reports on sustainability, business, and change
  • Tools for measuring our environmental impact
  • Green service providers
  • Funding for digital solutions

We hope they'll help you take action - whether you're just learning about sustainability in tech or you're looking for specific data on a company's energy use.

Please let us know if the content helped you or how it can be improved.

How to use it

There are three main ways to use the Airtable.

  1. To find resources, use the Airtable below, which can be grouped, sorted, and filtered by any column
  2. To download the data as a csv, click in the menu and select “Download CSV”
  3. To submit new resources to the Airtable, use the button below

Airtable is an excellent tool for collaboratively building and sharing information resources like this guide. Learn more here on how Airtable works.

Join the Guide Team

If you would like to be involved with this effort, please contact us through our feedback form. In particular, we are looking for help with:

  • Collecting & organizing resources
  • Improving the tagging system so that people can find what they need more easily
  • Creating short guides for specific scenarios. For example, how can a UX designer at a new startup convince the founders to consider climate issues in business decisions? Or what actions can a devops engineer take to reduce energy usage?