Illustration of people talking, sharing ideas, asking questions, learning & collaborating.
Illustration by Sandra Pallier

Our members include tech workers, independent consultants, data scientists, designers, students, and more. Membership is open to anyone who identifies as a tech worker, is in the tech industry, or is interested in working with tech folks. The only requirement is that you are interested in tackling climate issues in the workplace. People of any geographic region, sector, skill-set, day job, seniority, knowledge or experience level are welcome. 

If this sounds like you, please join us!

We operate an intentionally safe and inclusive environment at all times, for people of any gender, identity, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and/or other possible historically exploited differentiators. Protecting this is, and will always be, core to our community value system.

We follow the Chatham House rule: CATs are free to use information received, but neither identity nor affiliations of the speakers/participants may be revealed (unless the speakers/participants give their consent)

If something inappropriate happens, reach out to us at hello[at]

Always inclusive, welcoming & safe

Equal respect for all membership styles

Privacy enables participation

Our Channels

There are a lot of channels, so we use prefixes to make them easy to sort. There are four main channel types:

  • #green(er) = communities of practice: This is where we learn to integrate sustainability into our work. #greener-infra, #green-teams, #greener-webperf are just a few.
  • #local = location-based channels: Say hi and meet your neighbours! We have members all across the globe.
  • #cat = for CAT projects run by CAT members for the community (e.g. #cat-salon, #cat-newsletter, #cat-action-guides)
  • #proj = for member projects that don’t necessarily have to do with CAT (e.g. #proj-11at11)

Any other channels used for sharing thoughts & resources and discussing specific topics don’t use any prefix. We also have a few channels we wanted to highlight for you:

  • #1-announcements: Community-wide news
  • #2-lobby: Water cooler chats, community check-ins and other bits & bobs
  • #3-ask-anything: Probably our most popular channel, ask your climate questions, tech questions or anything in-between or outside of those topics
  • #moderator-help: For assistance with Slack or community guidelines
  • #share-your-work: Sharing milestones, getting feedback on your work or sharing a finished project
  • #products-services: To share and promote a product or service (could be something you’ve been building or discount codes for CAT members)

To view all the channels, go to the channel browser in Slack (click on “More” in the sidebar, and then “Channel browser”).

If you’re unsure what a channel is about – check out the channel description at the very top right underneath the channel name.

If you don’t see a channel that works for you, you can create one. You can gauge interest in #lobby first or ask for assistance in #moderator-help.

Our People


Portrait of Andy McWilliams

Andy McWilliams

Portrait of Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips


Portrait of Asim Hussain

Asim Hussain

Portrait of Chris Adams

Chris Adams

Portrait of Heather Baden

Heather Baden

Portrait of Melissa Hsiung

Melissa Hsiung

Portrait of Sandra Pallier

Sandra Pallier


  • Alicia Wong
  • Andrea • Twitter
  • Andrew O’Regan (he/him) • UX/Service Designer • • LinkedIn
  • Antonio Roque • CS student and Junior Digital Project Manager
  • Brittany Fischer • UI/UX Developer
  • Deena Rosen (she/her) • Design Advisor • • LinkedIn
  • Evan Hahn (he/him) • Programmer • • Twitter
  • Hannah Smith (she/her) • Freelance WordPress developer and speaker • Twitter • LinkedIn
  • Jemma Harwood • Digital design + video
  • Joshua Cortez • Data scientist
  • Katrin Apel • Freelance Product Manager, Developer
  • Kaushal Bhavsar (he/him) • Computer Vision Engineer • LinkedIn
  • Luís Cruz • Assistant Prof. at TU Delft • Twitter
  • Marketa Benisek • Climate Reality Leader
  • Marwa Eltaib
  • Matthew Ferry (he/him) • Data Wizard & Software Engineer
  • Nadia Zunarelli (she/her) • UX Designer • LinkedIn
  • Natalia Waniczek (she/her)
  • Noel Anthony • Copywriter and Content Marketer
  • Pia Faustino • Head of Social Impact
  • Piyush Mishra • Engineer
  • Rebecca Stevenson
  • Sarah Hsu • Cloud Platform Engineer
  • Sofia Rufino • Energy and Environmental Engineering
  • Stefanie Mühlbacher • UX Designer
  • Su Hang • Data Scientist


  • David Cairns
  • Chelsea Mozen
  • Sara Diaz
  • Peter W
  • Tom Jowett
  • Sean O’Connor
  • Steven Lemeshow
  • Bryce Walsh
  • Yarin Snapir
  • Khaled Arnaout
  • Sarah Hoessler
  • Laurence
  • Erin Duddy