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A global community of tech professionals using our skills, expertise and platforms to support solutions to the climate crisis.

Our Mission

The climate crisis requires a serious and sustained response from across civil society, and that includes the tech sector and technology professionals.

The mission is to empower technology professionals to play our part — to meet, discuss, learn and take climate action.

Our vision is that everyone is working on the climate crisis at all levels, and together we are driving industry and society toward a sustainable future.

Who We Are

The community formed when a previously unaffiliated set of tech sector workers and employees found each other and bonded on a shared vision — to volunteer their own time, and to support and engage the entire tech sector in addressing the climate crisis.

This includes deep respect for the many existing efforts to tackle and address climate, an awareness of the privileged position many workers hold in tech, especially in wealthy countries, and a desire to contribute what we can through our time, skill-sets, positions and other possible resources.

Our approach is to advocate internally within tech, and to collaborate externally to support the broader climate movement from tech.

Since forming, our membership has ballooned globally, and now involves vibrant input from students and graduates, through managers, designers, developers and creatives who work in tech across a wide array of industries, all the way through to senior figures at the world's largest tech companies.

We operate an intentionally safe and inclusive environment at all times, for people of any gender, identity, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and/or other possible historically exploited differentiators. Protecting this is, and will always be, core to our community value system.

Membership is open to anyone who identifies as a tech worker. People of any geographic region, sector, skill-set, day job, seniority, knowledge or experience level are welcome. If this sounds like you, please join us.


Our Overview document explains everything in much more detail about, including:

Read the full overview document here:

Join Us

We're a friendly and inclusive community, and we'd like to help you get plugged into with people from all kinds of backgrounds who share a common interest in tackling the climate crisis.

To join, fill out this sign up form and we'll add you to the slack community.

You can also email us at [email protected].

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