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Welcome! We’re glad you made it to this page – we need everyone to get involved in order to transform our work and industry.

Each Action Guide contains: an overview of why the action is important, how to get started, and our favorite resources for going deeper. The guides are written by the CAT community. They are the result of many discussions, online searches, and work experiences. We will continue to edit and add to the guides as we gain more experience and understanding.

We are writing more guides right now. If you would like to make suggestions, help with writing or share a case study, join us in the #proj-action-guide channel.

Action Guides

Cat image transformation from photo to duotone to vector art

Create Low-Carbon Images

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From image compression and emoji substitutions to lazy loading, there are many ways to reduce the weight (and potential carbon emissions) of images.

Start a Green Team

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Learn how to build a group of climate-interested advocates in your workplace.

Join a community

Join a Community

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Taking on the climate crisis alone can be overwhelming. Join a climate community for support and to take climate action together.