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27/02/24 – Open call for issue 8 closes

Dec 2023 – Issue 7 – Gentle Dismantlings

Sept 2024 – Issue 6 – Green Screen Coalition

July 2023 – Issue 5 – Critical Carbon Computing

Sept 2022 Issue 4 – Open Climate

Dec 2021 Issue 3

Jan 2021 Issue 2 launched

Oct 2020 Branch has launched!

Branch Magazine is a twice yearly publication, started in 2020, to explore what it means to be a technologist in a climate emergency.

Deliberately pitched as a primer for understanding the interplay between technology and climate, Branch encourages technologists and makers to think critically, and systemically about the field, and serves as a showcase for working sensibilities around climate into the design of the publication as well as the content.

Branch features contributions from the likes of technology workers in the Microsofts and Amazons Inc of the world, along with writers from the Amazon rainforests, and is produced in collaboration with EIT Climate KIC, Mozilla Foundation, and Green Web Foundation.

Branch Issue 2

Exploring 5 main themes

  • Solarpunk and Other Speculative Futures
  • Big Tech Resistance
  • Sustainable Web Craft
  • AI Promises and Perils
  • Change is a’ Commoning 

Issue one of Branch explored 5 main themes

Solarpunk and Other Speculative Futures – new aesthetics to draw inspiration, beyond the normal ‘steel, mirrors and and glass’ of common future depictions

Sustainable Web Craft – stories of established professionals, adapting their existing work of building websites to incorporate climate awareness

Critical Art and Carbon Aware Design – stories from designers and commentators, describing who we design for, and what changes in the energy systems we might take advantage of with new interactions

Climate Action in Tech – stories of people switching jobs to focus on climate as their new main priority issue

AI Promises and Perils – for better or worse, AI, is considered a significant lever in climate discussions, as well as a cause of emissions. We covered the perspectives from this sub community of technologists

Policy and Advocacy – insights from the front lines of campaigners, and common mistakes people make when they try talking to others about climate

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