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Technology professionals using our skills, tools, and influence to amplify the Climate Movement.


Clean(ing) Tech

How sustainable is your company? Our guide for measuring and minimizing your company's climate impacts is chock-full of key insights, information, and inspiration to help you clean up your company's operations. That might mean switching a coal-powered data center to renewables, cutting airline emissions, or preventing pollution from employee vehicles' exhaust pipes.

Read the guide to learn more, and join us to get connected to a tech community concerned about climate.



Technology professionals from various companies — such as Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Etsy, Github, SoundCloud, Lyft and many more — are coming together under the banner of ClimateAction.Tech to find ways to accelerate solutions for climate problems.

As technology professionals, we understand the potential of innovation and technology; every day we build and work with tools that positively impact people’s lives. Our goal is to offer our skills to organizations and individuals who are making the most impact in combating climate denial and climate change


Appalled by Trump’s first 100 days, tech workers join the climate justice movement

A growing contingent of tech workers started a grassroots effort to fight the Trump administration’s anti-environment policies.

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Brooklynites quietly fomenting tech-sector protest against Trump administration

Workers from big-name tech companies and small startups are joining the People's Climate March later this month in Washington, D.C.

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