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Join a Community

Join a community

In this action we encourage you to join a community that is committed to tackling climate change, directly or indirectly.


Why this action matters

The climate crisis is a long-term, global problem. It can be difficult and overwhelming to work alone, especially when modern society pressures us to consume more. By joining a climate community, you will be surrounded by other people who care, people who will support your efforts. Some other benefits of joining a community:

  1. Meet new people.
  2. Learn from others.
  3. Get support and support others. Avoid burnout.
  4. Build power and make change together!

How to get started

  1. Find a community that interests you. See if there is a climate group in your current networks: your workplace, your local municipality, or political clubs. Check out online communities (lists below).
  2. Sign up and join one or two groups. Not every community will be the right fit. It’s normal to check a few out or attend different events to get a feel for the community’s culture & focus.
  3. Participate and participate again. It may take a few tries to connect with people. But don’t worry — climate groups are generally welcoming — we need everyone!


Employee Groups

Most large companies have green teams (or ’employee resource groups’). Ask your colleagues and HR. You can also connect to the sustainability team to learn about their sustainability initiatives and find out how to take part. Sometimes these initiatives fall under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or ESG (Environmental Safety & Corporate Governance) departments.

Follow’s Twitter list of employee action groups.

Climate Tech Communities

Follow’s Twitter list of online climate tech communities to join.

  • If you’ve joined a community and found it helpful, invite two or three other people to join the same community. Help your community grow!
  • Can’t find a community that works for you? Start your own. [Action Guide coming soon!]
  • Do you know a climate tech community that isn’t on our list? Post it in the comments below.


  • Melissa Hsiung 
  • Pia Faustino
  • Michael J. Oghia 

Have a question or a case study to share? Please comment below.

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