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Blog » 2022 — Year in review

2022 — Year in review

First slide of our 2022 – year in review presentation

Our Year in Review presentation is public! 🎉 Highlights this year (based on our Theory of Change) include:

❤️ Enabling connection

  • We had a total of 252 participants at our online events this year
  • We kicked off two new event formats with our Branch magazine reading group and our watch parties (if you’ve got suggestions for watch party videos, let @Sandra know or comment in this thread)
  • Our Climate Justice exploration with our friends from the Work On Climate Climate Justice Learning Group continued with a successful ‘Squads’ experiment over the summer
  • 136 groups got connected through our CAT Roulette programme

💡 Developing a shared understanding

💪 Impact on our members

We help our members learn, connect with others, and take action at work. Taking action can take many forms. Our members work on things like…

  • Developing a climate-conscious tech industry
  • Decarbonizing the internet & the office
  • Accelerating climate action with digital solutions

Check out the member projects, actions, and wins in our presentation.

📣 Shout-outs

We are a 100% volunteer-run community and we couldn’t do this work without our volunteers. Massive thanks to:

Alja Isaković, Andrea Magnorsky, Andrew O’Regan, Arne Tarara, Chin-Wu Chen, Chris Alafaa, Christina Unger, Crystal Soo, Elisa E, Evan Hahn, Evan Harte, Gaël Duez, Hannah Smith, Ismael Velasco, Lisa Bjerke, Mario Carabotta, Matthew Ferry, Matt Sirkis, Marwa Eltaib, Myf Nixon, Niklas Jordan, Poppe Guthrie, Richard Kim, Roopak Kandasamy, Siddharth Krishna, Sigi Kluckner, Siôn Elis Williams, Veronica Hotton, Yang Hong

And of course thank you to all of you who contributed to conversations, shared your knowledge, showed up at events, stayed curious and learned with us. And for making this community as humble, friendly, and helpful as it is. THANK YOU. ❤️☺️

📝 Help us be better in 2023

Our member survey is open again! Your feedback means a lot to us and helps us improve the community. Have your say and take 5-7mins to fill out the survey.