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Practical advice on how to take climate action.

Finding A Climate Group

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Written by CAT member Rebecca Stevenson

This post is for people who have been wrestling with the tension between ”We’re all in this together” and “But what can I do?” which is to say, people like me. People who feel a sense of responsibility but shrink beneath the sheer size of the problem, who are sometimes bewildered by the choices on offer about individual action and group action, and how we decide where to put our efforts. 

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How we improved our Website Carbon Calculator score from 59% to 84%

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We followed the recommended steps from our own Reduce the carbon emissions of your website Action Guide, and checked our homepage emissions using the Website Carbon Calculator. Here’s an account of what we did to take action and increase our score from 59% to 84% on the calculator.


These are shared resources and thoughts from our CAT Salon and #d-antiracism channel.