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These are shared resources and thoughts from our CAT Salon and #d-antiracism channel.

Links to other resources

List of tech & antiracism resources by Dr. Noble at the Center for Critical Internet Inquiry
Racial justice and climate justice reading list from the Purpose Disruptors

CAT Salon: Processing the climate crisis in times of social upheaval — summary

In one of our CAT Salons (#d-cat-salon) we talked about processing the climate crisis in times of social upheaval (Presentation slides).


  • Show up in real life
  • Conversations
    • Talk about things that are too often not talked about (this includes issues around racism and climate but lots of other issues too)
    • Don’t just talk about those things in a superficial manner but be willing to open up and have (potentially uncomfortable) conversations about what we’re thinking and how we’re feeling
    • Be open to make mistakes and be willing to learn from them
  • Communities
    Just inviting Black people and people from minority backgrounds into conversations and groups isn’t enough. People staying in the conversation and not feeling left out is equally important.






Bourdieu’s social theory and our work in tech (00:57:56)
Describes how our societal system creates violence and how the concept of cultural and social capital fits into this. I learned about Bourdieu at university and it’s really good to see the theory applied to the tech industry [specifically agile & peer programming]
Key-takeaway: Perpetuating inequity doesn’t even require prejudice or bias on the part of the person with power. Inattention is enough.

TED talk on code switching (00:10:43)
Code-switching is originally defined as the switching between different languages but has been redefined to encompass non-verbal communication and the way we behave in different groups of people as well.

Twitter threads

Chevron using the current [June 18th 2020] discourse around race to delay climate action. Twitter thread

Shared articles

  • So you want to talk about race in tech with Ijeoma Oluo [TechCrunch]
    Author Ijeoma Oluo used to work in tech and talks about how the tech industry sees itself and how it’s like a religion. She also talks about the potential of the internet and mentions Nigeria as a positive example.