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Blog » Event round-up (Feb 2023)

Event round-up (Feb 2023)

A summary of our CAT Coffee events in February. Have a look at upcoming CAT events on our Meetup.

Feb 24: Three CAT members shared their projects/ideas/wins!

Feb 22/23: Pacific-friendly CAT Coffee kick-off!

Pacific-friendly CAT Coffees will continue on a monthly basis to bring together CATs around the pacific rim. Signup for the next one here at Meetup!

Double check your time zone! This CAT coffee happens on two different days, which is usually Tuesday late afternoon in Americas west coast, and Wednesday morning/midday in East Asia & Australasia.

Feb 16: Branch reading group #3

Our reading group got together to discuss Green Tech: What Solutions Are Being Advocated?

Feb 9: CAT members shared their asks & offers

Two highlights included:

  • Ask for more conversation about AI-driven climate tech (check out our #greener-data-ai channel for more)
  • Offer for climate career conversations through #OpenDoorClimate

Find out more about our events or sign up for upcoming CAT events on our Meetup (note that you need to join Slack before joining MeetUp).