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Pausing Twitter

Hi there,

As you can see, we’re spending a lot less time on Twitter, and we figured it might make sense to share where to find our activity in future.

The short version

If you’re interested in following updates about, please follow our page on LinkedIn, and our newsletter.

That’s the short version – read on for some more context.

The longer version

First of all, why are we pausing updates on Twitter?

Put simply Twitter is becoming less relevant in general, and less useful to us, and over the last few months there has been a trend in moderation giving disportionate space to discourses around climate denial and delay. This quote from Professor Katherine Kayhoe in December from Chief Scientist at, IPCC author, and well known climate communicator is pretty telling:

Climate denial on Twitter was already a dumpster fire; now, it’s as if it had a litre of gas thrown on it

We only have so much time to spend engaging online with social media, so we’re consolidating on platforms we see meaningful, and constructive engagement.

Where should I look instead?

If you’re not a member, please consider joining our community – it’s free to do so, and joining grants easier access to events, projects and more. We send a batch invites each week, and you join via our sign up page.

Once you’re a member you have access to our active and supportive community slack.

We run physical and virtual events via our meetup group.

You can see recorded talks from our events on our youtube account.

You can see our (mostly) weekly newsletter with archived copies of every issue we send out.

If you use linkedIn, you can follow our group page, as well as see posts we share there.

Yes, we’re looking at setting up a presence on a distributed platform like Mastodon. We’ll share and link to updates on this topic as they’re available.