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Blog » CAT 2023 Midyear Town Hall

CAT 2023 Midyear Town Hall

We held our 2023 midyear town hall on May 24. First we, the organizers, presented CAT’s current priorities and projects, and shared some trends in the community that we’ve observed. We’re currently working on:

  • incorporating as a CIC and establishing an advisory board,
  • developing a mini-grant program for CAT community projects,
  • creating a course to help CATs advocate for climate in the workplace,
  • our regular virtual events and new in-person events.

For more details, see the slides here.

We’ve also noticed that the community culture is shifting as we’ve grown in size and climate action has become more mainstream. There are more impersonal and transactional posts, and we’re concerned about how this may affect CAT members’ experiences and ability to connect with others.

During the open discussion, people shared their perspectives:

  • why they joined CAT,
  • what they’re hoping to learn and gain from the community,
  • offers to help,
  • ideas for improving engagement, growth, and culture.

These are available to view on the wiki page (use Slack to sign in).

We reviewed these ideas at the follow-up community brainstorming session on June 6th. The next step will be for the organizers & volunteers to integrate these ideas into the current roadmap.

Thanks to all those who attended the Town Hall & the brainstorming session! If you weren’t able to attend and would like to provide feedback or suggestions, you can start a discussion in #7-cat-community-feedback or fill out the community member survey. The survey will be open until the end of July.




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