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Blog » Event round-up (Mar & Apr 2023)

Event round-up (Mar & Apr 2023)

A summary of our CAT Coffee events in March and April. Have a look at upcoming CAT events on our Meetup.

📚 Apr 27: Due to lack of RSVPs our volunteers cancelled this Branch Reading Group meeting. They are cooking up a new idea for a CAT event though! Reach out to Gaël or Poppe if you’d like to get involved!

🃏 Apr 20: We played the climate card game Green House and we won! There’s more gaming chat happening in our #greener-games channel if you’re curious.

🗑️ Apr 18: We had a Digital Clean Up hour of cleaning up digital clutter and discussing the value of doing regular clean ups.

⭐️ Apr 13: Three amazing member projects were shared out during our “Share your project / idea / win” CAT Coffee event and the presenters are looking for input, advice and connections from other CATs. We heard about Climate IrelandThe Index, and Climate Play. Find out more about the projects or reach out to the presenters in this thread or read through the event notes here.

▶️ Apr 3: We got together for a watch party on “Why carbon offsets are worse than you think“. We were shocked to learn that 85% of mandatory carbon offset are not decreasing carbon. We also learned that the first question companies and individuals should ask themselves should be: “How can we/I prevent carbon emission in the first place?”. Find all our notes from the event on Outline.

📚 Mar 23: Participants in the 4th Branch reading group discussed hardware and how to make it last based on the article “Repairing Our Relationship with Technology”. A wide range of topics was covered from incentivization of the “right to repair support”, introducing more scalable electronics recycling and refurbishing, balancing progress with backward compatibility, the role of legislation vs grass root consumer movement, etc. Find more notes here.

☕️ Mar 21: Our second pacific-rim-friendly CAT Coffee event saw four CATs getting together for a chat.

🗑️ Mar 18: We had our Digital Clean Up. Some of us started with Step 1: Clean your smartphone up. Others deleted some extra email accounts or cleaned up their inbox, unsubscribed from newsletters, or deleted photos. Learn more about this event here.

👋 Mar 16: Eight CATs were paired or grouped together for a few fast-paced rounds of networking. We slightly ran out of time but we’ll tweak the format for next time.

▶️ March 7: Four CATs met to watch the documentary Toitū Te Whenua. We learned about the impact of pollution, industry, and invasive species on #local-aotearoa’s ecosystem. Read our summary on Outline or view our reactions in the discussion thread and feel free to chime in.

▶️ March 2: We met to watch In Conversation: Kate Raworth and Janine Benyus. We were inspired by the combined thinking of economics and biomimicry. We learned that there are social injustices in the ecology of a place and that art is a helpful tool to envision a world that works. You can find our notes on Outline.

Find out more about our events or sign up for upcoming CAT events on our Meetup (note that you need to join Slack before joining MeetUp).

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