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Blog » Mini grants update: Sustainable AI, Product Management and funding a Hackathon in Switzerland

Mini grants update: Sustainable AI, Product Management and funding a Hackathon in Switzerland

In February we announced the funding of two projects and here’s what the crews have been up to:

1️⃣ Sustainable AI manifesto: @abhishek has completed his research on current best practices in Sustainable AI through academic literature and technical tooling. His next milestone is to design a landing page to collect responses and generate engagement with relevant communities. Reach out via Slack (@abhishek) if you want to get involved.

2️⃣ “How to become a Climate-Conscious Product Manager” case studies and CAT conference: @François Burra and @Antoine Cabot are currently in their research and data collection phase. François also spoke about specific ways that product managers can integrate sustainability into their products in a recent episode of @Gaël Duez‘s Green I/O podcast.

We’re also happy to announce our next round of funded mini-grant projects! 🎉

CAT member dream team Fiona Leibundgut, Andy Mossop, Ken Iseli, Panu Kärävä and Christian Abegg are organising a #local-switzerland hackathon in May and the grant will help fund part of this event. More about the hackathon in their words:

The hackathon itself will provide participants the opportunity to connect with others in the industry in Switzerland who have the common goal of greening our craft. The challenges will be targeted both at how to make our technology and tools have a lower environmental impact as well as using them to solve other environmental problems. There will also be a chance for participants to learn and compete together in an environment focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also aim to target stakeholders that will establish connections between Technical talent, educators and corporations wanting to reduce their environmental impact. The event will be an in-person event to maximise the opportunities for people to connect and collaborate together. We aim to leave the hackathon with new teams, ideas and a cohort of very motivated and enabled individuals. It will also help strengthen the CAT community in Switzerland.

Learn more about the Hackathon, or reach out to anyone in the group to get involved.

If you’d like to apply for funding during the next round of mini grants, please fill out this form (projects are evaluated three months). To learn more about the process and how we evaluate projects, check out our Mini grants Outline page.

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