CAT Operations

Finding A Climate Group

Written by CAT member Rebecca Stevenson

This post is for people who have been wrestling with the tension between ”We’re all in this together” and “But what can I do?” which is to say, people like me. People who feel a sense of responsibility but shrink beneath the sheer size of the problem, who are sometimes bewildered by the choices on offer about individual action and group action, and how we decide where to put our efforts. 

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#LetsGreenTheWeb Together

We challenged five organisations to review their website carbon emissions and here’s what happened

Our #LetsGreentheWeb Campaign officially kicked off this week! So, we decided to take our own advice, and asked Sofia Ruffino to reach out to five organisations and challenge them to review their website carbon emissions using the steps on our Share the Carbon Impact of a Website Action Guide. Here’s what Sofia discovered from doing this.