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Blog » turns into a Community Interest Company turns into a Community Interest Company

On June 14th 2023 incorporated as Community Interest Company in the UK.

A community interest company is a legal form of organisation which exists solely to benefit the community (i.e fellow CATS rather than private shareholders), and as CAT has grown to more than 9000 members, the need to have some formal governance has grown too.

Our intention is to use this entity to make it easier to fund various community focussed projects, like more events, a new mini-grant programme and more. Previously other organisations or funding bodies weren’t clear on who they were officially contracting with and it made funding almost impossible.

That has changed now, and while we still have an Open Collective you can donate to (and that’s going nowhere), this should make it easier to attract funds and use it to support the activities we have been doing on a more formal basis.

We touched on this in the Town Hall earlier in May and we’re exciting to share more soon.

You’re welcome to ask questions in our community feedback channel on Slack or reach out to the CAT organizers directly. We’ll also be collating any FAQ into outline, where the questions and the answers will be visible and accessible.

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