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Blog » Event round-up (May 2023)

Event round-up (May 2023)

A summary of our CAT events in May. Have a look at upcoming CAT events on our Meetup.

🌅 May 24: In our Town Hall CAT organizers @melissa, @mrchrisadams, @HeatherB, @veronica and @Sandra shared what’s been happening in the community and behind the scenes. We also talked about new programs, trends we’ve noticed in the community, and how you can help. You can find a summary of our Town Hall in this blog post.

👋 May 19: We met for a Networking session where we shared climate learnings, life knowledge and our thoughts on the future.

⚖️ May 18: During our Climate Justice Squads mid-point check-in we connected across our 2023 squads and shared tips, struggles, and insights on facilitating / running the weekly squad meetings. We also discussed climate anxiety and taking care of ourselves. ❤️ Notes from Melissa are here and a few things that were shared during the event were: Graphic & article of the interconnectedness of things, some thoughts on GDP used as a measure of progress and a few book recommendations: Burnout Book, ‘Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet’, and ‘It’s not that radical’ by Mikaela Loach

▶️ May 2: During our Watch party this month we learned about Floating wind turbines. Find the notes here and if you watch the video in your own time and want to join the discussion or share a reflection or learning, please comment in the thread.

Find out more about our events or sign up for upcoming CAT events on our Meetup (note that you need to join Slack before joining MeetUp).

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