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Blog » 2023 — Year in review

2023 — Year in review

Our Year in Review presentation is public and you can watch the presentation on YouTube! 🎉


This year we became a Community Interest Company (CIC), we launched our mini grants programme which enables us to fund community projects, volunteers Claire & Caroline came up with the #EcoWeb project which is analysing the digital footprint of 500 websites, and Branch magazine issues 5, 6, and 7 were published!

Other than that we also continued with other projects (based on our Theory of Change):

❤️ Enabling connection

  • Slack channels: Our channel hosts are focussed on enabling connections in our Slack channels through summarising activity, responding in threads, and moderation
  • #cat-roulette: Our donut integration matched 143 CATs in pairs or trios so they were able to connect and meet
  • CAT directory: Our member directory helps CATs browse and see who’s in the community and 172 new CATs added themselves to the directory
  • Events: We ran 27 online events including 8 watch parties and 3 book club discussion groups (notes) and CAT members self-organised on Slack to meet in various cities across the globe
  • Climate justice squads: CAT collaborated with Work on Climate and coordinated 5 small, themed groups that met over multiple weeks on the topic of Climate Justice 

💡 Developing a shared understanding

  • Newsletter: Our weekly newsletters this year were sent to over 200K people and included community news, external events, podcasts, news highlights, and job listings.
  • website & blog posts: Started publishing blog posts regularly (16 so far!) to celebrate the community and member projects. Blog post ideas welcome in #cat-blog. We also continued improving the usability of our website. 
  • Outline knowledge base: We moved away from Google Docs and continued using Outline to support activities and capture knowledge shared in the community. Next we’re planning to clean up #greener channels content and make public. Seeking Outline maintainers!

💪 Member projects

We help our members learn, connect with others, and take action at work. Taking action can take many forms and our members shared their achievements in 2023 in our member 🐾 PAWS (Projects, Actions, Wins, and Stuff we learned at CAT) presentation.

📣 Shout-outs

We are a 100% volunteer-run community and we couldn’t do this work without our volunteers. Massive thanks to:

Hannah Smith, Siôn Elis Williams, Alja Isaković, Andrea Magnorsky, Brett Duboff, Elisa E, Łukasz Mastalerz, Claire Thornewill, Owen Rogers, Tom Kennes, Aïda Cissé, Caroline Schneider, Nat Darke, Clare Tomassian, Ben Tongue, Dan Robinson, Matt Sirkis, Gaël Duez, Poppe Guthrie, Evan Hahn, Mary Ma, Marwa Eltaib, Richard Kim, Yang Hong

📝 Help us be better in 2024

Our member survey is open again! Your feedback means a lot to us and helps us improve the community. Have your say and take 5-7mins to fill out the survey.

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